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Tire Repair

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Answers to our frequently asked questions

We perform repairs in accordance with Tire Industry Association and U.S. Tire Manufactures Association guidelines. In the event that your tire is not repairable per these guidelines, we will assist you in obtaining and installing replacement tire/tires.

Puncture repairs (for example: a nail in your tire) are limited to the tread area only. Any damage to the tire shoulder or sidewall requires that the tire be replaced.

Per Tire Industry Association and U.S. Tire Manufactures Association guidelines, “Tires must be removed from the rim/wheel assembly and inspected for all possible damage—including damage to the inner liner.” Moreover an outside-in tire repair or on-the-wheel repair is unacceptable.

No, a single replacement tire can be ordered form Tire Rack and shaven to match the tread depth on your other three tires.

We will repair run-flat tires on a case-by-case basis. Some run-flat tire manufacturers do not permit repairs. Additionally, if the tire has been driven with little to no air pressure we cannot confirm the integrity of the tire and will likely recommend tire replacement. If replacement is recommended, we would help you with that.