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Seasonal Tire Storage

Do you run snow tires in our Wisconsin winter? Are you ever surprised at how much space your off-season tires take? Are you tired of lugging your dirty off season tires in and out of your vehicle? Trust your Greater Milwaukee area service mechanics to eliminate these concerns for you by selecting our seasonal tire storage program. This includes storage of your seasonal tires at our climate controlled, pest-free facility. Prior to placing your tires in storage we help preserve the longevity of your tires by cleaning them, then storing them in a sealed bag once dry.


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Answers to our Frequently asked questions

This is a service we offer to store your seasonal tire at our facility in a climate controlled pest free environment.

Once your tires arrive at our facility, we wash the tires to get the dirt and grime off. After the tire dries, we bag the tire, remove as much air as possible and seal the bag (this reduces evaporation of oils from the rubber compounds). Lastly the tires are stored in a standing position, as it puts less stress on the tires.

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When you feel like you want us to change your seasonal tires, call or email us to book an appointment.